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Capt'n Vinny - 7/15/2013
Arrrr, we be conscripting!

Jaime - 9/18/2013
Is the event still on? Wasn't sure with this last weeks terrible events. Please post something regarding. Thanks!!

Capt'n Vinny - 9/19/2013
Aye Yes! It be going on! We be sailing this Saturday! Tell yer mates and come drink rum with the Captn!

capn booty - 9/20/2013
Will Reginold Weatherby III make it through piratecon without losing his precious spices, treasure, and women?

Captn' Vinny - 9/21/2013
Can't wait to see you scallywags tonight, the captn' be swimming with the fishes at Wahoo's at oh-5:30ish

Some Random - 9/21/2013
Can wait to sea you salty dogs tonight!

rhonda grindle - 9/5/2014
Is this event on Sat. or Sun. and is it still going on?

Bret - 9/16/2014
What of 2014? Are there no pirates left in Boulder? Shall we just meet at the roof of the Salty Dog on Friday night? Captain my captain??

Captain Obvious - 9/14/2015
Looking forward to this weekends pillaging!

BertieorBirdie - 10/9/2015
This has made my day. I wish all poisgnts were this good.

Asntonstian - 10/11/2015
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Tran - 10/13/2015
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Taimi - 5/4/2016
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Johnie - 5/14/2016
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